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An Unique Marketing Campaign

The Covid pandemic has become the greatest marketing campaign of the home of all times. Discovering the culture of the home is now up to date.

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During the spring quarantine my sister said that the Covid pandemic had become the greatest marketing campaign of the family of all times. I totally agree with her.  Oxford Dictionary defines a marketing campaign as “an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service”.

The family has been promoted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for several months. Despite the difficulties that the lockdown has meant, I am sure many of us have found this set of circumstances a great chance to rethink the family and the meaning it has in our lives.

I would add that this family campaign has also become a great campaign about the home. During the lockdown we have been instructed to stay at home and then, suddenly, the home has become a workplace, a school, a hospital, a recovery center, a gym, a bar… From one day to another families have spent more time together than ever before. Definitively, the home has become the center of our world. I think that this opportunity is unique to continue working on the meaning and the value of the home. Discovering the culture of the home is now up to date. 

I would like to share this Communication report: “Home in the Time of Coronavirus”, prepared by Home Renaissance Foundation. Responding to the coronavirus in relation to the Home, different personalities share their experience of what home is – and means – to them during this time of a pandemic. As you read the report you will find that one theme unites all the testimonies: “we need each other, and together, now more than ever, we need that place called home”.

I hope you will enjoy the reading!

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