Drawing the new normal

The coronavirus is giving us the opportunity to make a lasting impact in society by inspiring others to take care of their home and family with excellence.

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Sometimes I find the sound of the alarm waking me up in the morning really irritating. Some people are deeply, consistently grouchy in the morning. I consider myself a morning person, however, waking up feeling shaky is infuriating. This is what has recently happened to us! We have all been shaken and awakened! And what has shaken us is a virus that is spreading over the world and one that we can not control. We have lost the security of our busy agendas. We are now facing an uncertainty that grows every day. And yes, we are scared because we do not know what awaits us tomorrow. We have real reasons to be grouchy.

So, when we face situations that are not under our control we may have two reactions. One is to complain and feel pity for our bad luck and the other is to try to see it as a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to grow! 

When we face frustration, one of the most effective ways to overcome it is gratitude. Gratitude makes us see things from a different perspective. We can learn to see the situations that surround us with new eyes. 

COVID-19 can definitively become the greatest opportunity of the decade! The coronavirus has put aside our own problems and is showing us what is really important. We were not having time for the most basic things and this crisis is giving us the opportunity to start from scratch! We have more time to think and for reflection and therefore many things are being put in place. With the poet’s spirit that characterizes this blog, we can think that every time we wash our hands, we are washing away all our personal problems and preventing them from getting inside.

We are all looking forward to getting back to normal but we won’t get back to normal because normal has changed. There is a “new normal” waiting for us that depends on our attitude! I do not know about you, but I am determined to make a change! What will the “new normal” look like at your home? Try making a list with your family of the 10 things that will not be the same in your home after the coronavirus. Below I share mine.

At home, the new normal will be enjoying dinner together and spending quality time with our family and children. The new normal will be taking care of our elders, because we have understood how it hurts when you can not be with them and how much we miss them. The new normal will be collaborating with  enthusiasm in the household chores. We know now that we do not need that much to be happy and that when we are together, we are stronger. Many of us might have discovered that we can work from home. I hope many businesses will be more flexible with conciliation measures for parents with small children. Technology is playing a crucial role in this pandemia and is helping us to connect with those who are afar. However, hopefully we are now more convinced that face to face contact can not be replaced by screens.

Maybe we will finally understand that when we are lost the only place to come and find the lights on is just by coming back home, where we are always safe. The time has come to become real influencers in our society because we want to grow and learn from this pandemia. We can now make a lasting impact in society by inspiring others to take care of their home and family with excellence. The world is changing right now and I want to collaborate.

Thank you for this opportunity, coronavirus! 


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