The Power of serving: making tangible what is intangible.

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According to the dictionary “Intangibility” is a fundamental characteristic of services referring to the fact that a service cannot be seen, smelled, tasted, touched, or stored, since it lacks physical existence or form.

This video was presented at the annual conference of the Incontro Romano, back in 2014. The Incontro Romano is a platform of professionals and students which aims to highlight jobs where the direct care of the person is the principal focus, because they have the transforming power to make the social environment more humane.

There are so many intangible things that are never said nor seen at home. However, many of these things acquire different shapes and forms on a daily basis and in simple things. It can be the scent of fresh laundry in your bedroom, the bright colours of fresh flowers in the dining room or the smell of fresh baked bread… You can post an idyllic picture of it in your Instagram but it will not communicate its beauty completely. An important part of it will remain invisible. This is because all these smells and colours are not just pleasant for the senses but reminders of all the love and care that is behind it. 

I just wanted to share this video because it reminds me to be grateful for all that I cannot see but that I feel especially when I come back home. It helps me to appreciate how small details and the beauty of continuous service make tangible what otherwise will remain invisible to our eyes. 

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  1. Thank you so much for that! You’ve opened up an exciting new horizon for me! Please keep writing!


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