Celebrating Every Day

Have you ever felt the need to care more about others when you have had the experience of being so well cared for? Or at least, had the urge to try to be better?

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Feast days and holidays are definitely my favourites. I love to celebrate these big days at home, with all the family gathered together. I love creating that joyful atmosphere.

I also love celebrating small things. Since I was young, details mean a lot for me. Sometimes just to remember a special date and to congratulate someone makes me happy. In my family, thanks to the prodigious memory of my eldest sister, we remember the smallest details about our family. We always find a reason to celebrate.

It can be seen as a paradox because for homemakers like me celebrations also mean more work and more preparation. It also means putting in an extra effort, sometimes spending extra money on a surprise and working when others are resting. Hopefully I do not think of these “minuses” each feast day because I enjoy seeing everyone happy. When everything is ready I forget all the nerves…

A feast day is an invitation in itself. It is a call to remember and value more what is important in life and to be thankful. It is also an invitation to try to be better as a person, a reason to be more cheerful. When we see someone who cares about us so affectionately, we need to respond somehow. Some people may feel the desire to make their work, whatever it is, a service for others.

Once when I was in a philosophy class the teacher explained that humans are the only animals that celebrate. I decided I very much like being human! We celebrate because we are grateful. When we are happy, we want to share that joy with those around us.

Celebrating is really inspiring because both gratefulness and joy are both fundamental for creativity and innovation. When we are happy we can create new things, we can see the world with new eyes. Each year we celebrate the same holidays, but with “our poetry” we reinvent these days, we make them unique and special. This combination of poetry, innovation and creativity is what I love most about homemaking.

Last Easter we prepared a special brunch at home. It was the third this year and I am becoming very fond of them. It was really touching for me when someone thanked me, not just for the brunch, but the everyday work. It was like saying: “it is good that you exist!”. It is easy to prepare a “super meal” once in awhile but to do it every day, with the same love and attention, is a real reason to celebrate. My conclusion is that during a celebration we learn to value the power of service on ordinary days.

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