A homemaker is someone who cultivates a “poet’s spirit”, has an “entrepreneurial mindset” and loves with a “mother’s heart”.

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Poetry, Home & Innovation are the three pillars that describe what I value most from a homemaker. These three words compile three attitudes that I try to develop on my everyday life and therefore, at work.


Whenever I think of an artist I think of a person who feels free to express his or her own view of the world through art. They do this in a creative and beautiful way. Poets put their feelings down in words.

I like this spirit, the power artists have to discover beauty even in the most ordinary days.

Homemakers are artists too. For us attitude matters a very great deal because we have to deal with the ordinary every day. And it is up to us how we do it. For some, our work is always the same, but we can do it unique. With our art we color each day to make it unrepeatable!


I am a homemaker because my job does not involve just keeping a house but creating a family environment that creates a home.

For me that means loving with a mother’s heart. Whether I am ironing or cleaning or preparing cookies I think how will my mother do it. Mostly it ends up being a lot of small things, that with love become big on their meaning.


I can not avoid the fact of being a millennial and I am proud of being part of the most entrepreneurially-minded generation ever. Homemaking is a profession and therefore a professional attitude is required from us. We have to continuously grow, find new ways of achieving better results.

To keep a house requires far more managerial skills that many may think. It is about finance, time management, multi tasking, nutrition, creativity, flexibility… And this professional attitude is the one I try to inspire in the people around me. We can reach for excellence at home too.

Innovation is for me the desire of doing in a new way what we have been doing for decades. It is learning from the previous generations to continue exploring and moving forward.

That is why my definition of a homemaker is someone who cultivates a “poet’s spirit”, has a “entrepreneurial mindset” and loves with a “mother’s heart”.

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